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Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a significant matter in most peoples' lives. For some people it is the most significant transaction they will ever undertake. The conveyancing department of Cranston McEachern Lawyers will:-

  • explain the issues involved in the sale or purchase of your property.
  • tell you what costs are involved including stamp duty
  • advise you about your Contract for Sale
  • advise you about and negotiate special terms and conditions for
  • the sale or purchase of your property
  • assist in attending to your lenders' requirements
  • organise the appropriate searches and enquiries to ensure you get what you think you are buying
  • advise you if the property you are buying is or might be affected
  • ask the seller the right questions about the property being sold
  • organise settlement

Purchasing property

Simply, conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of property from a seller to a buyer. Like any sale, this requires the creation of an agreement. In conveyancing this is the contract for the sale of land.

This contract will essentially set out the nature of the property that is being sold, the agreed price, the condition it is in, and other terms and conditions such as cooling-off periods and settlement dates.

The buyer'’s role will consist of, essentially, ensuring their investment is a good one by arming themselves with the best possible information about the transaction and what they are buying.

Making all the relevant investigations or searches on the property (see
below for specific searches required for strata and business purchases)
will be required during the process.

These searches will involve being sure the seller:

  • holds title to the property they are selling;
  • the property is in the condition that the seller claims it is in; and
  • the property is a good investment and will be serviceable for years to come.

These searches will involve building inspections, strata record inspections and title searches. Your property law specialist will arrange all of these.

Types of Conveyancing

Cranston McEachern has experience in, and undertakes for clients the following types of transactions:

  • sales and purchases of houses
  • sales and purchases of residential strata titled units
  • sales and purchases of commercial, retail and industrial strata titled units
  • sales and purchases of commercial buildings
  • sales and purchases of shopping centres
  • sales and purchases of industrial buildings
  • Our extensive range of services for financial institutions are performed at both commercial and retail banking levels.

  • Our experience varies from advising on corporate structuring, commercial transactions, and commercialisation of intellectual property through to corporate governance and trade practices compliance.

  • Our knowledge and experience is drawn from a wide range of clients.

  • Our areas of advice cover the full spectrum of family and relationship law matters.

  • Cranston McEachern assists clients in identifying and protecting their valuable intellectual property assets.

  • We have extensive experience in accident compensation law.