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August 13, 2020

Opportunities at Cranston McEachern Lawyers

Each of our employees has the opportunity of working closely with one of the partners of the firm. Each of the partners in the firm have at least thirty years experience in practicing law and are able to impart their knowledge and experience to the other persons in the firm.
Everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoy their work. We provide an environment in which there is a balance between work life, home life and outside interests. We do not expect staff to work long hours beyond the typical 8.30am to 5.00pm work day.
We encourage camaraderie and good intention banter between staff and show an interest in those interests which people have outside the working environment.

Working at Cranston McEachern Lawyers

We hire the best talent available for every position in our firm to enable us to deliver excellent client service and outstanding results. Our success depends on the skills and commitment of our people so attracting the best people is a good start.

Here, everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoy their work. We believe we provide an environment in which talented people flourish. We are interested in what each person can contribute, both individually and working alongside others. If you join us, you will find some great colleagues and fascinating work.