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September 26, 2020

The History of Cranston McEachern Lawyers

The History of Cranston McEachern Lawyers

Cranston McEachern Lawyers is a firm with a long pedigree.  It was established by Cranston Albury McEachern in 1928.  Cranston conducted the practice until the outbreak of the Second World War.  

A serving officer in the then militia, Cranston was sent to Singapore where he was captured with Australian forces in 1942 and became a prisoner of war serving on the Burma Railway.  He was later promoted to brigadier.  

Following his release, Cranston returned home to his family and immediately set about re-establishing the firm we know today as Cranston McEachern Lawyers.

Cranston's son David became managing partner of the firm in 1980 and continued in that position until 2016.


Cranston McEachern Today

Today, Cranston McEachern is a full-service legal practice based in Brisbane city's central business district.

David McEachern, Peter Deed and Bernie McGowan have practiced and managed the firm together since 1986. David retired from a management role in 2016 but continues as a consultant.

Expertise, broad experience and depth of resources enable us to successfully meet the specific needs of our clients. We strive to provide quality legal services, direct access to professional staff, experience and quick response to clients' needs

The Quality of our Service is Dependent Upon

  • dedicated application of the highest levels of skill and knowledge and the provision of professional legal service;
  • effective management systems we apply to organise our resources and control their use; and
  • care and attention devoted to by all members of staff to service the welfare of our clients.

Our Client-Focused Approach Means

  • understanding that your legal matter is the most important thing happening to you at that time;
  • explaining the legal system clearly;
  • responding quickly to your queries;
  • finding out what you seek to achieve;
  • keeping you informed of progress;
  • being on your side; and
  • achieving the best result for you